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Turn almost any bottle of water into an enhanced water
Bot-O-Cap® beverage mixes are formulated to contain just the proper amounts of specialty ingredients that will enhance beverage taste, and authenticate its characteristics. Bot-O-Cap® provide the means to create and deliver the best possible drinks that everyone will love. Bot-O-Cap®  drink mixes will delight the taste buds, due to the many tantalizing healthy tasty and nutritious drink combinations that can be created and stored in the Bot-O-Cap® reservoir.
The Bot-O-Cap® universal plastic bottle cap reservoir fits on almost any standard water and or sparkling water bottle. The Bot-O-Cap®  is used as a reservoir to infuse your favorite water. The flavors and ingredients are stored inside the cap reservoir and with just a push the flavors can be added to your favorite water bottle and or other beverage of choice.
Bot-O-Cap® will enhanced your water with a healthy dose of nutrients. The 100 percent natural and calorie-free Bot-O-Cap® nutrients when mix with water will  help replenish your body.  Simply push down the cap to release the nutrients into your favorite bottle water and drink directly from the Bot-O-Cap® functional sport cap.
Bot-O-Cap®  offers a very inexpensive way to enhance your water with some great nutrients.For product and sales inquiry please call (201) 898-0556 or contact us to learn more about our product offering.    Visit us often to see our newest innovative products and flavors