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Turn almost any bottle of water into an enhanced water
We can help you introduce a new niche functional beverage products  powered by Bot-O-Cap™  reservoirs beverage cap dispersion to the market place.
We have the ability to formulate a customized blend of desired functional ingredients complete with specific micro nutrients, vitamins, flavors, sweeteners and more to help produce a variety of niche novelty ready to drink beverages using the Bot-O-Cap™ reservoir.  
Bot-O-Cap™ is the latest delivery system for a fast acting  functional beverage consumption needs.  Bot-O-Cap™ direct liquid infusion provides a convenient way to deliver a nutritional benefit as an alternative, to powders and pills.
Consumers looking to hydrate and at the same time take in a specific nutrients can now use the Bot-O-Cap™ as a  way to try out new functional beverage ingredients.
We also offer a variety of unique formulation  options to help enhance your product, such as Kosher, all natural and organic ingredients and a wide variety of packaging options, everything needed to launch a custom private label beverage. For product and sales inquiry please call (201) 898-0556 or contact us to learn more about our product offering.  
If you can imagine a product chances are we can make it happen using the Bot-O-Cap™ reservoirs beverage cap dispersion.
           Your creativity and is the only limitation for the Bot-O-CapReservoir :
Enhanced Waters
Energy Drinks
Sports Drinks
Protein Drinks
Sport Recovery Drinks
Ready-To-Drink Teas
Ready-To-Drink Juices
Weight Management Drinks
Stress Relief Drinks
Cognitive Health Drinks
Multi Vitamin Drinks
Immunity  Drinks
Malnutrition Drinks
Kids Health Drinks
Men's Health Drinks
Women's Health drinks