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Turn almost any bottle of water into an enhanced water
A universal plastic bottle sports cap reservoir that fits virtually on almost any standard water and or sparkling water bottle.  The flavors and ingredients are stored inside the Sport Cap reservoir to infuse your favorite water and with just a push the flavors can be added to your favorite water bottle and or other beverage of choice.
Some premixed drinks can lose their strength and potency over time.  But because we keep all of the active ingredients  fresh inside the Bot-O-Cap® Sports Cap reservoir away from water, air and light, the ingredients will not degrade, but will stay fresh.  
The fresh active ingredients stored in the Bot-O-Cap® reservoir are released and mixed only when you activate them, so that you will be able to enjoy all their true benefits at maximum potency.  
Bot-O-Cap® transforms ordinary bottle water into the freshest and best-tasting water.
To use simply remove the original bottle cap, attach the Bot-O-Cap® Sports Cap, after securing the sports cap to the bottle, remove the clear safety cap cover, push down on the BLUE sports cap to release the flavor concentrate stored in the reservoir in the water.   It is that easy, best of all, you can drink  your new  enhanced beverage directly from the Bot-O-Cap® Sports Cap.    
Don’t just drink water, enhance it with the Bot-O-Cap® and create a new favorite healthy drink.
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